Vidyanagar College

About The Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology of Vidyanagar College was seeded as Dept. of Biological sciences in Vidyanagar College in the year 1977. The vice principal and teacher in charge Professor K.C Adhikari, then administrator professor Amitesh Chakraborty and the MLA Mr. Prabhas Roy took initiative in introducing science stream in the college. Later on, Dr. Subodh Chowdhury took the post of Principal in 1983-84 and enriched the department with his endeavor. In 1994-95 sessions DPI, Govt. of West Bengal sanctioned B.Sc (Bio Science) Zoology and Botany as pass subject. Then Principal Dr. Amar Basu Mallick, vice Principal Prof. K.C Adhikari and the members of governing body took active role in introducing the subjects. Dr. Arabinda Ghosh took the charge of the department since inception of the B.Sc courses. In 1997 Dr. Surja Prakash Agarwala joined the department as a faculty member and participated in flourishing the department. Honours course was introduced with Dr. Arabinda Ghosh and Dr. Surja Prakash Agarwala on the session of 2010-2011. The alumni of this department have continued to glorify different positions in various Academics and Research Institutes of India, as well as in various designated post of Govt. and Private sectors. Over the financial years, the Dept. of Zoology has received Developmental grants from RUSA. As a result, effort has been to upgrade the laboratories with modern equipments and teaching aids. The departmental Seminar Library has also been enriched with CBCS and NEP syllabus-oriented books.
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