Vidyanagar College

Courses Offered

Vidyanagar College offers its students quite a wide range of programme options, the successful completion of which leads to awards of Bachelor’s degrees in Arts, Science and Commerce, both in the Honours and the General courses by the University of Calcutta.
The entire range of options offered is enumerated below :

Six – Semester Honours Courses :

  B. A. : Bengali, History, Philosophy, Political Science, English
  B. Sc. : Economics, Mathematics, Zoology
  B. Com. : Accounting and Finance.

Six – Semester General Courses :

  B.A. : Bengali, Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Political science , Education, Sociology.
  B.Sc. : Botany, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology. 
 B.Com : The course offered to the students is a comprehensive one, covering a wide range of subjects including Business economics. Business Environment, Business Management, Business Mathematics and Statistics, Business Regulatory Framework, Elements of Taxation, Enterpreneurship Development and Business Communication, Fundamental of Auditing, Information Technology and its application in Business Money and Financial System, Principles and Practice of Accountancy, which are arranged in four groups. A student has to opt for a combination that includes all these subjects.

Besides the above options, there are three subjects offered as complusory papers with all the programmes available. These are Compulsory English, Modern Indian Language: Bengali and Environmental Studies..
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