Vidyanagar College


Vidyanagar College has a clearly spelt out vision in the motto which is ‘Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya, literally meaning ‘lead me from darkness to light.’ Hence, our vision is to impart knowledge to students and mould them into responsible citizens of our country.


  1. To create an atmosphere where students will have easy access to knowledge
  2. To prepare our students to get themselves established in their fields of choice
  3. To make the students aware of the multiple opportunities that are being made available due to NEP
  4. To empower the women by encouraging innovative thinking
  5. To foster communal harmony by infusing the spirit of inclusiveness among the students

Perspective Plan towards accomplishing the Vision and Mission

The College is all geared up to meet the new demands and  of the New Education Policy which will be  implemented in the 2023-24 academic session by the University of Calcutta. Under the auspices of the IQAC the college has initiated the following steps:

  1. To provide the students with greater exposure the college has signed MoUs with various colleges.
  2. The college has introduced financial support to the faculty members so that they can attend seminars, workshops and conferences
  3. The College has introduced high speed internet facilities for the students.
  4. The College has ICT classrooms and modified the existing laboratories to cater to the changing needs of the students.
  5. The library of the College has been thoroughly upgraded and various digital resources are being made available both to the students as well as faculty members.
  6. The College is dedicated to maintain greenery of the campus as well its surroundings. Every year on World Environment Day, a drive is taken to plant saplings both inside and outside the college campus. Saplings are distributed to our students and to the schools of the localities. The College has installed solar panels to reduce its dependence on conventionally produced electricity.
  7. The College also observes International Language Day, Women’s Day and World Yoga Day


  1. The Principal of our College monitors academic administration and management through well-established statutory/non-statutory committees,sub-committees and cells
  2. The The Governing Body of our college, consisting of teachers, non-teachers, government and university representatives collectively take decisions in keeping with our vision and mission.It approves all the decisions taken by the committees, sub-committees and cells.

Participative management

The committees, sub-committees and cells consist of members of the teaching, non-teaching members. Members of the stake holders and representatives of the state government and university also get included in statutory committees and cells.

 These committees, sub-committees and cells can be classified into three categories : a) those which serve administrative purposes  b) those which serve the well being of the  students and c) those which are related to the welfare of the teaching and non-teaching staff.

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