Vidyanagar College

About The Department of Environmental Studies

The department was established in 2019. The Environmental studies department of Vidyanagar College is open for all the students as the subject is taught as compulsory for all bachelor degree students.The classes of this subject is very much practical problem-solution oriented.The students become more aware about the impact of their small acts. There are no Honours or General courses in this department, only compulsory paper. But some students have been motivated so much by the subject that they have chosen it as the subject of their higher studies. The teachers try to maintain friendly and helpful relationship with all the students irrespective of their background. Some activities are also organised by the teachers along with the students to impart practical approach to help sustain the environment. The activities include tree plantation, plastic collection, practical excursions etc. Other activities organised by the department include add-on programme based on life-skill such as, “impacts of climate change on human health” and also individual project works, for which certificates are issued for each and every student.
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