Vidyanagar College

About The Department of Philosophy

The department of Philosophy of VIDYANAGAR COLLEGE was established in the year 1963. It is one of the foremost departments of the college. The department nurtures young minds to grow as fine human resources inculcating in them, rational, critical and progressive outlook with moral and social values. It is our challenge to cultivate our students as budding philosophers; inquirers of knowledge and ethical analyst of issues pertaining to society, evolving to become a practical applicant of moral values in life and above all a true human being. The philosophy department of the college has consistently excelled in academics and co-curricular activities. At present, we have two permanent faculty members and one State Aided College Teacher. The faculty members of the department are always devoted to teaching and learning process and to give every student a space to grow and realize their potentialities. We are highly concern of completion of the syllabus within stipulated time and transparent internal evaluation. We regularly organize students’ seminar, group discussion etc. to train up the students. of the department ‘how seminar paper should be presented’, ‘what is academic writing’, ‘how to appear in and present oneself in group discussion’, ‘how seminar paper can be presented with the help of audio-visual aids etc. We invite faculty members from other department and organize interdisciplinary lectures for students to develop comprehensive understanding of philosophical issues.
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