Vidyanagar College

About The Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics in Vidyanagar College is functioning since the session 1977-78. The first post of the Department was created to teach Higher Secondary ( Science ) students only. Dr. Utpal Chatterjee joined the Department as the first full-time lecturer. After the departure of Dr. Chatterjee, Prof. Bhaswati Mitra joined the Department.

In the session 1983-84, when B.Sc. (General) Course was opened, the second post of Lecturer was created and Prof. Bijan Sen was appointed then. The posts of Prof. Mitra and Prof. Sen were respectively filled by Dr. Sukla Maity in 1988 and Prof. Anjana Kundu in 1994. They are the members of the Faculty. They tave to teach B.Sc (Honours) course, which was started from 2002-2003, B.Sc.(General) course and also Business Mathematics and Statistics of B.Com Course. From September 2012 the department has one faculty and Dr. Maity was joined as a Principal of Shirakole Mahavidyalaya. In September 2013, the department has appointed two guest lecturer Mr. Babusona Mondal and Ms. Mallika Mondal through governing body of the college. After the appointment of two guest lecturer, college has appointed three more guest lecturer Ms. Rakhi Jana in July 2017, Ms. Riyam Biswas in August 2018 and Ms. Rimpa Khan in February 2019 through governing body to carry some portions of huge loads of classes of the department but in 2019, Ms. Mallika Mondal has regined  from her post due to her permanent post in High School. After the departure of Dr. Maity, department has only one full time teacher but in December 2023, Mr. Bishal Tamang has joined as full time teacher.

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